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Welcome to Magnetic Corporate Consumer Connection (Better Know as MAGNETIC Marketing)!


We are not just another "Marketing Agency," We certainly do not believe in just assigning a one size fits all marketing package to our clients.

At Magnetic, we treat every client as an individual and create a plan as unique as your business to attract the right customers to your products.

People that are interested in your business or product are assets to your business.


- Too often, business people and entrepreneurs are scared to spend money on advertising because they think it's risky, and they are right if they don't know what they are doing.


Many business owners and entrepreneurs also believe in advertising to grow their business that they have to pay the dues. Again, true if they don't know what they are doing.


Not knowing how to find the right leads for your business can be a costly experiment.

Imagine flipping houses and knowing nothing about the home or the neighborhood's structure and the value of the homes there.

Obviously, you would mostly lose money and have very little success. With that same example in mind, imagine you partner with a real estate investor with years of experience.

Do you think the odds would change of success would increase?

Of course, they would!


The same is true with purchasing leads from a vendor like Magnetic.


Magnetic Corporate Consumer Connection is a social media marketing agency solely focused on paid online advertising with Facebook.

We help businesses automate and control their customer growth by setting up advertisements designed to convert targeted traffic into buyers.

Apply for a strategy session below completely free. In the session, we will start setting the foundations for your business's Facebook Marketing Strategy.


We have the experience, and most importantly, we have the leads you need!

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