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"Attracting the Right Consumers 

to the Right Corporations."

Laser Targeted
Facebook Lead Generation


This is the heartbeat of every successful business. Without a constant flow of new leads and prospects, you may as well shut your doors. At Magnetic, we have laser targeted lead prospecting services via the power of FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM. We can bring you leads that are actually waiting by their phone for your sales agents to call them. Unlike other "lead generation companies," we spend a lot of our time studying our client's business wants and needs. We also take the time to understand your customers and how you can meet their needs. 

But let's be honest, getting the leads is only half the battle. You still need to close them. 

Warm Call Transfer Leads


Getting the lead is great, but do you have the time and resources to spend calling them back, answering calls, and determining if they are a good fit for your business?

We know there are many "tire kickers" out there, and your sales agents timragents'e is valuable.

We also know that time is of the essence, and salespeople are not always as timely as they should or could be.

Warm Call transfer leads are generated the same way as our Laser Targeted Facebook Lead Generation Service, but we take the extra step here and contact your lead on your behalf promptly.

Once we have spent time qualifying your lead as per your criteria, we will then pass the call. This will increase the sales agent's close-ratio up to 10X and allow them to focus on clients that are ready to move forward.

Lead to Client Hand offs


Taking you to the top, fast!

Lead2Client Hand offs are just as they sound. We first use our Laser Targeted Facebook Lead Generation services to locate the lead, then our agents do the rest for you.

Our agents act as an arm of your company. We sell your product or service, collect the required information and documents from the lead and pass the profits onto you.

This is done without you having the burden of employees or the overhead. You Just sit back let us do the work, it is that simple.

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